EverdayCityReflections- HOTR Refuge, my Father’s house.

It was another beautiful Sunday, and also our ‘Mid year Thanksgiving’ we all came out in our beautiful traditional attire ready to komole all the way, we had people like Kingsley Ike and Freke Umoh who led us through one devil head smashing praise and you trust us na, somebody can not even play small play with us in Praise oo, we will take it from zero to hundred 

About past 2pm, I was so tired from all the activities of an unusual Sunday when I got the call, ‘Cj your church is on fire’ eh which church? Church I just left now abi another one?  My first reaction was your father’s house is on fire, oya Jeans, top, slippers, run there now! By the time I got there, I met Women in worship( our first fire fighters) then the fire fighters were on ground- Now this is where my main gist is. 

When the fire started, church office staff and everyone on ground started making calls, of course the first call would normally be to the Federal Fire service but the normal thing happened when someone called them, a lady picked up, ‘ ahhhh we are trying to get more hands naa’ say what now? More hands? What happened to all that staff they chunk in there every now and then? Another call and one of them goes, we don’t know the way to your church, excuse me? A building that is strategically positioned? Please what happened to Google map? As someone said, their sirens where faster than their tyres,lol. Well they finally came and when they came, for a fire as serious as what we had they came with small water, and let me shock you, when their water finished, they started looking for our water from our tank, what a waaawu! Fire fighters indeed! After they had finished the little they came to do, they brought one book, someone in charge should sign, please sign that what? That they had come to fight our fire and they did so successfully, waaawu! Thank God for Julius Berger that came to the rescue with good tanks and good equipments to fight the fire. Two things- if the Fire Service had come on time or fought diligently we may not have recorded such amount of damage. Another thing is God forbid we had only these people on ground, the story would have been different! Then what hurts most is that during the News hour, reporters had it that the Fire service saved the day, without making reference to those who helped out! My country!

Then suddenly haters had something to say, but who cares about their opinion? We are unapologetically a people of excellence and if anyone isn’t cool with that, well we can’t help it. Some see it as a great loss, we see it as a turn around, now we don’t care what people are saying or what they have to say, we care that God gave us peace in the midst of these storm. Everything is an opportunity to talk, they say whatever they want to say, but our Joy is that no life was lost, imagine this happened during service, even though ‘The Citadel’ was under renovations and we were using our Multipurpose hall for services, we still use the Towers very well, and the panic to escape from the towers and the stampede could have been a different story. 

Another palava from this is that Bad news spread like fire, Ogaa oo! People that hadn’t called in centuries suddenly remembered your number – ahhhh I heard your church is your fire. My friend who took a cab from lugbe to the church, oga i dey go House on the Rock, the cab man had told him ‘ everything you know about that building is down!’ Ewooooooo yes the citadel was down but the towers were intact, but the way people help to spread bad news, if we push small energy to good news, we will all be happy 

The body of Christ is one, so much love from other sister churches, especially from the Rhogic Family led by Pst Goodheart. A popular news station reported thus ‘Goodheart Ekwueme left HOTR and it guts fire’ how please? He resigned in October and fire came in June, what’s the connection? But to the shame of the haters, we remain one, in fact let me shock you, one of the first women to arrive the scene and join the praise was Pst Bimbo Ekwueme. To the shame of haters, we all took this as our own, as one big family. 

Through this all, we got our Joy back. Some connected hate talks with the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ someone said we should go and call ‘Olowogbogboro’ to quench the fire for us, well He did, ntiooo! It could have been worse but he averted it! You that don’t have the understanding of the God we worship, stay in your lane! You will not do the challenge, yet your body will be pinching you on behalf of those doing it, is it your challenge? Is it your data? Is it your hallelujah?  Well, news flash- ‘Our building may be down but our Joy is intact, its full! Its unshaken! And we Rejoice! Thanks to those who sincerely cared, we are fine, we are good and no life was lost! We are a House on the Rock and we can’t be moved! Fire came but remember that Gold gets more beautiful after the Fire. We are Gold and we are coming out beautiful, and like my friend Perez said ‘ BEAUTY IS COMING OUT OF THIS’

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9 thoughts on “EverdayCityReflections- HOTR Refuge, my Father’s house.

  1. Lovely Piece! You nailed it my dear! Infact that evening, the number of calls i recieved ehen, my friends started calling me Pastor Onyinye. Even people i didn’t know they had my contact. But it all, As Pastor Uche said, the 2nd half is always the best…
    If you read comments from diff blogs that carried the new especially InstaBlog9ja, you would weep for the mentality of our youths and the place of God and Prayer in their life.

    However, The church of God keeps moving forward and no gate of hell shall prevail.

  2. Yes oh we re coming out stronger and better God dint say the road would be rosy all the time but he promised to be with us every step of the way which he did . Praise be unto His name forevermore

  3. My ride or live ( i’m sure u already know who this is). We thank God jare. People will say what they wanna say but they dnt know that the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.

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